Airush Freewing V3, Compact, AK Trek Wingfoil Package


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Freewing V3

Freshly released the V3 is the latest incarnation of the Freewing mainstream range. It's a jack of all trades and has excellent peoformance on both flat water and wave environments. Superior efficiencxy and ultra low flagout drag on this V3 version, it now has less low end power than the GO by quite a way, so recommended for tenacious beginners to experts.


The Compact packs a huge amount of volume into a very small outl;ine. Superbly stable and very practical it has a superior pitch control over longer boards with less leverage. Constructed in a carbon / spectra (dyneema) cloth it is extremely strong and very light too. Availbale in a number of sizes from 58 to 105 litres.

Trek Hydrofoil

The new Trek series of wings bring maximum ease and forgiving nature without sacrificing glide, stability or speed under load. The smooth lift engages intuitively while remaining incredibly stable through slow and nervous first flights to powered, confident higher loads and speeds. Smooth and agile when needed around corners it's a fantastic allrounder and the easiest entry to the world of hydrofoiling.

It uses the same components as the entire AK range meaning future upgrades are easy to add component by component.

Rear Stabiliser Choices

- 340 Moustache - The easiest and most popular rear stab. Best with the medium and larger front wings giving the most stable pitch and yaw control.
- 300 Moustache - Easy handling characteristics for smaller front wings.
- 260 Moustache - For the smallest wings and lightest riders
- 300 Arc Down - More efficient stabiliser for medium to small front wings that allows more yaw slip, works well with the Plasma.
- 260 Arc Down - Same as above for the smallest plasma and lightest riders.
Please note that the AK foils have a sliding adjustable mount on the stab so you can alter the power of the stabiliser and balance the foil according to your exact foot weighting preference.

Fuselage Choice

71cm Fuselage - by far the most popular and not a long fuselage in the grand scheme of things. Manoeuvrable with good pitch control, it's the allrounder.
61cm Fusealge - shot and agile for expert use. The fastest carving and most reactive of the two fuselages, but makes pitch stability highly reactive and a handful for all but experts.

Mast Length

- Aluminium 60/70/80/95cm. All alloy masts need an alloy mast plate to mount to the board.
- Carbon 80,90,105 - no mast plate needed, all 0 degree.

Alloy plate angle

The AK alloy masts use an alloy plate with two different angles; - 0 degree which is the standard mounting angle - 1.5 degree, which will raise the nose of the board by 1.5 degrees for high speeds, steep waves at the expense of non foiling efficiency.