RRD Wingfoil Complete Set

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Package includes: 1 x Y26 Evo Wing 5.5m in Grey colour 1 x Y27 Beluga LTE 125L Wingboard 1 x Universal SW Alu 1750 with 85cm mast Please note that this package doesn't come with a pump, board leash or a board bag. A Fant…

  • RRD Universal pump
  • RRD Waist leash for wing boards.
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Product Details

Package includes:

1 x Y26 Evo Wing 5.5m in Grey colour

1 x Y27 Beluga LTE 125L Wingboard

1 x Universal SW Alu 1750 with 85cm mast

Please note that this package doesn't come with a pump, board leash or a board bag.

A Fantastic package for getting you started in the wing foiling journey.


Size 5.5 m Wing span 330 cm  Wind range 12 to 20 Knots

  • Arrow head outline - Innovative Leading Edge Outline To Enhance Handling And Ride Faster.
  • New Double Inflating/Deflating System -  2 Times Quicker to set  up and stiffer leading edge & struts
  • 3 Long Handles  - Easy To Grab In Maneuvers
  • A freeride / freestyle wing - for all levels from novice to expert
  • Incredible maneuverability - stable power, speed, acceleration and precision
  • Novice riders will get going instantly for its incredible accessibility and lightness
  • Wide Windows - better visibility.
  • New safety leash - light with neoprene wrist band.
  • Delivered in a comfortable and user friendly cylindrical backpack.

Why these features are good:


A specific and innovative outline shape that will make you enjoy the way it drives you.

The innovative arrow shaped outline has very effective aerodynamics and stiffness to enhance your stability and improve your speed.


We have rethought and simplified the whole leading edge design.

The new Evo structure has fewer panels to lighten the weight and seams well positioned in most stressed points.

The result is 200 grams less weight and a solid efficient feel in your hands.


The central strut shape is designed to widen the distance between the strut and canopy.

More leverage improves the overall performance of the wing.


3 semi rigid long handles positioned on the central strut for better and easier maneuverability.

A unique and comfortable feel, the long handles are ideal to ease your learning process at all levels of riding.


You get a better and quicker system to inflate and deflate your wing.

We have optimized the stiffness of the whole body by separating the leading edge and strut.

The double valve inflating system allows to inflate at a different PSI the leading edge and central strut to obtain an extraordinary feel once riding it.


2 wide windows to have an overall view and control of who’s around you.


Size: 175 x 76 cm Vol: 125 L Weight: 7.6 kg approx. Connection: 2 x US Box Slots

  • Carry handle - on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
  • Special deck concave - shaped for a comfortable and performing ride.
  • Tail kicker - to start foiling earlier and bevelled rails.
  • Deep double concave bottom - for smooth touch downs.
  • Multiple strap positions - (double or single front straps) to chose your preferred set up.
  • Specific reinforced foil box - with 2 US slots to resist any stress.

Tech Features:

Short shape packed with volume to allow buoyancy and maneuverability once in the air.

Rails with a pronounced bevel to have a larger area to position your feet , but also less bottom surface to reduce drag during touch downs.

Pronounced double concave in the middle to the front section for smooth touh downs and a better overall performance.

Double front strap or single strap to chose your preferred set up for both flatwater or waves.

Full deck pad with colour coordination to help feet positioning, comfort and support.

Carry handle on the bottom for easy transport to the water of both the Beluga and the Wind Wing.


The Universal ALU foil set is the tool to enter the exhilarating foil dimension.

You can switch the use of this phenomenal set from Wing, to Surf, to SUP, to Kite foiling without the need to change your hydrofoil!

This hydrofoil is capable of speeding up the learning process as you never thought was possible.
The new Universal SW alu is available in two versions with 75 cm or 85 cm aluminum mast.

The 75 cm mast is recommended to better keep control during your first flights, while the 85 cm mast is preferable once you progress and are able to ride for longer distances.
The new Universal SW 1750 full carbon front wing is the engine of the whole system.

Its generous wingspan and thicker profile will create the right lift to start foiling at low board speed and help to keep stability and control once you are flying!

Your jibes and tacks are going to be so easy and you will learn how to pump on flat water or ground small swell.

The rear wing is 52 cm wide and has a negative dihedral angle of -26°. This angled wing design improves the “pumping” and carving ability of the foil.

This hydrofoil is capable of speeding up the learning process as you never thought was possible!

Recommended for novice riders, the ideal hydrofoil for schools.

1750cm2 full carbon Universal front wing
373 cm2 Universal carbon rear wing
New 30% stiffer and lighter aluminum mast with integrated plate
New redesigned 76 cm light Universal fuselage
Solid connection using 8 mm diameter Torx screws and helicoil threads for mast, fuselage and wings adding 6 mm sideways telescope screws to secure the mast at the top plate and fuselage. A reliable, strong and quick to assemble/disassemble connection
New wider Hi density plastic mast foot connector/adaptor for improved lateral stiffness. No oxidation between mast and fuselage
Each component comes with an EVA Cover with Velcro to fasten it inside the bag (foil set bag supplied separately).

Warranty Information
(1) Above and beyond the legal warranty reasons, the seller in particular accepts no warranty for damages caused by failure to observe technical instructions of the seller or the manufacturer, unsuitable and improper use, incorrect assembly or commissioning by the buyer or third parties, natural wear and tear, incorrect or negligent treatment, chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences. (2) The buyer must without delay notify the seller in writing of any defects, by no later than four weeks after receipt of the delivery object. The seller must be notified without delay in writing of any defects that are unable to be discovered within this period after a thorough check as soon as they have been discovered. (3) In the event of notification of the buyer that the products do not correspond to the warranty, the buyer must without delay notify the seller of this and prepare the faulty product for collection by a representative of the seller. If the rectification of defects fails after the granting of a reasonable period of grace, the buyer can choose to either withhold payment or demand a cancellation of the contract. (4) The warranty term for every product is 12 months unless there is a written agreement and other promise to the contrary – and begins with the delivery of the product to the buyer. This does not apply to claims on account of intent or gross negligence, damages due to injury of life, limb or health or claims on account of unpermitted actions or the Product Liability Law.

RRD Wingfoil Complete Set


RRD Wingfoil Complete Set

  • RRD Universal pump
  • RRD Waist leash for wing boards.