AFS WILF Wind Wing


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AFS Wilf Wind Wing

The new AFS WILF is the latest generation of wingfoil wings. Accessible and efficient, it is suitable for all user profiles (beginner to expert).


Its compact and stable profile allows you to jibe without worrying about your wing and especially to surf without thinking about it. Indeed, the variable diameter of the leading edge provides maneuverability and less bulk. A thicker leading edge in the center avoids any deformation of your WILF in high range or of your jumps. A thinner diameter at the ends allows the WING to “breathe” to optimize fluid flow.


The spinnaker tension has been maximized to obtain a wide range of use. This taut profile allows you to generate a constant force in order to go into lightwind. The hollow of the WING is marked by an additional panel between the batten and the spinnaker. This will give you a direct sensation and efficient pumping.


The spinnaker is the Teijin T9669, reference in the world of kitesurfing, allowing to bring an increased solidity. Various reinforcements have been added to the leading edge providing abrasion resistance. After various tests, the positioning of these reinforcements was done in a practical and thoughtful way in order to have one of the lightest WINGS on the market.


The WILF is available in 5 sizes: 2.8, 3.4, 4, 5 and 6m2.

Please Note that All WILF Wings are marked with a MAX Inflation Pressure of 6psi - This is done to make sure you do not inadvertently end up with your wing over inflated due to a change in weather from dull to bright sunshine or much warmer temperatures.

The Wings fly well at 6psi, but do not deliver the full range of performance and stability you will unlock by inflating to 7 or 8psi - Providing you are weather/temperature aware (as all users of inflatable craft, wings and kites should be), we, the UK distributor (Kai Sports) and Foil and and Co., all recommend running your AFS WILF Wing at 7 to 8psi for best performance and stability, providing you are aware of dangers of not paying attention to changes in weather and especially leaving you wing baking in the sunshine on a hot beach!

Quite apart from the dangers of over pressure in these circumstances, and the space they take up on often crowded beaches, it's a good plan never to leave your Wing, Sail or Kite sat on the beach, as UV degrades them all, just like it fries us!

Feel free to consult us on how best to look after your equipment - we really want you to have along and happy life together.  


75KG RIDER              WIND RANGE
2.8 m2  Between 20 and 40 knots
3.4 m2  Between 18 and 35 knots
4 m2  Between 15 and 35 knots
5 m2  Between 10 and 28 knots

6 m2

Between 8 and 25 knots


The Wing is supplied in a nice Carrying Bag, Wrist Leash, Harness Line and Repair Kit all included.