Windsurfing Fins

Windsurfing Fins

Windsurfing fins from Naish, MFC, Select, Prolimit & Drake. Clearance, special offers & bargain used fins always available. Classic, US, Tuttle, Power & Trim box fins available.

  • Starboard M5 Torx Slot Box Screw

    Starboard M5 Torx Slot Box Screw

    Slot box fin screw for counter bored M5 inserts, like those used by Starboard for the angled screws which secure the thruster fins into place. The standard M5 x 15mm TX30 screw supplied by Starboard, is often not long enough to secure these fins...

  • Select Fast Wave windsirfing fin


    Select Fast Wave

    FW.FastwaveBoard Type: WAVE & FREEWAVE BUMP'N JUMP, FREERIDE & FREESTYLE WAVELengths: 23 / 25 / 27 / 29Fins box: US Box / Slot Box / Power Box / Tuttle BoxConstruction: CNC Fr4.c Hi-precisionAvailability: In stock - those not / Lead Time Appr…

  • SELECT S1.G10 Windsurfing Fin


    Select S1 Pro G10

    S1.G10*(Picture shows Powebox model)Board Type: SLALOM, FREERACE & FREERIDE boardsLengths 37 / 39 / 41 / 43 / 45Fins box Power Box / Tuttle Box / Deep Tuttle BoxConstruction CNC FR4 C Hi-precisionAvailability Most in stock - those not / Lead Time…

  • Select S1 RACE.evo
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    Select S1 RACE.evo

    S1 RACE.evo 61 cm Deep Tuttle Box S1 RACE.evo*Board Type: LIGHT WIND RACELengths 59 / 61 / 63 / 65 / 67 / 70Fin box Power Box / Tuttle Box / Deep Tuttle BoxConstruction Pre-preg Carbon Custom Moulded, hand finished.Availability Some stock - Mostly to…

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  • SELECT RHINO PRO Windsurfing Fin


    Select Rhino Pro Carbon

    SELECT RHINO PRO*(Picture shown in all cases is Tuttle Box Head (TT) - select Powerbox, Tuttle or Deep Tuttle at the time you order)Rhino Pro* Board Type: Performance Slalom boards & Sporty Freerace/Freeride boardsLengths avaialble: 29 / 30 / 31 …

    £245.95 - £249.95
  • Select X1.V4 windsurfing fin

    Select X1.V4

    Select X1.v4Board Type: WAVE/FREEWAVE using Quad, Thruster, Twinzer & SingleLengths Single : - 20 / 21 / 23 / 25Multi-fins : - 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19Head Type Power Box / US Box / Mini Tuttle / Slot boxConstructio…

    £54.95 - £107.95
  • Select Shock wave frewave windsurfing fin


    Select Shock Wave

    Select SHOCK Wave SHOCK WaveBoard Type: WAVE/FREEWAVELengths 21.5 / 23 / 25Fins box Power Box / US Box / Slot boxConstruction CNC Fr4.c Hi-precisionAvailability Most in stock - those not / Lead Time : 10 days- Wave fin with a very s…

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    Select MX.Freestyle EVO windsurfing fin

    Select MX Freestyle.evo

    Select MX Freestyle.evoBoard Type: FREESTYLE/ FREESTYLE WAVELengths 17 / 19 / 21 / 23 / 25Fins box Power Box / US Box / Tuttle BoxConstruction CNC Fr4.c Hi-precisionAvailability Some in stock - those not / Lead Time : 10 days- The legendary MX is bac…

    MSRP: £107.95
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    Now: £95.95
  • Select S1 Hi-wind.G10 windsurfing fin


    Select S1 Hi-Wind.G10

    High performance fin for harsh conditions. Easy to ride. Very hi speed potential. Less powerful than the S1 G10 A good fin for riders looking for easy control in choppy and hi wind conditions. S1 Hi-Wind*Board Type: SLALOM (PWA) & HI PERFORMANC…

  • Select S1 SLAM.evo


    Select S1 Slam.Evo

    The Select S1 XL Slam.Evo is the new benchmark for slalom all around the world! With its new profile based on V.Max 4.0, the S1 Slam.Evo is even better than the original S1 Slam. The S1 Slam.Evo is a high performance product, to be used at your own r…

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    Select Performace Weed


    Select Performance Weed

    Anti weed fin• Curved leading edge to move forward the center of pressure• Very comfortable to sail• Efficient on medium covered spots• Real sailing confort for an anti-weed fin This original fin has an important rake and was...


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