Windsurfing Mast Spares

Windsurfing Mast Spares

  • Ezzy Windsurfing Mast Sleeve


    Ezzy Windsurfing Mast Sleeve

    Ezzy Mast Sleeve   Ezzy Sails Windsurfing Mast Sleeve to protect your mast from light damage (scuffs and scrapes) and increase the ease of transport. 340/370 cm 400 cm 430 cm 460 cm 490 cm NOTE: Ezzy Mast Bags are shorter than mast bags and co…

  • Powerex Mast Plug Male


    Powerex Mast Plug Male

    Powerex Mast Plug Male Attaches to the sail, which then locates in the hole in the bung on the top of the mast. 14mm diameter plastic shaft.  Fits 19mm wide webbing in the head of the sail.

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    Powerex Mast Bag


    Powerex Mast Bag

    Powerex Mast Bag Will hold one 2 piece mast.  Heavy duty cloth. Clear window. Velcro closure.  Black with white Powerex logo

    MSRP: £19.99
    Was: £19.99
    Now: £9.99

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Armstrong S1 Alloy Foil

All kits come with the 72 cm Alloy mast 75cm  Fuselage, S1 300 stabiliser and a kit bag. Armstrong Step 1 Foils Redefining how we learn to foil, the Step 1 (S1) foil range delivers remarkable...

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Armstrong S1 Front Wing

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Mystic Wing Waistbelt

Featuring a sliding hook, the Mystic Wing Waistbelt is your ideal attachment system, featuring connection points for your boardleash and wingleash. Once adjusted, use the safety buckle to secure the...

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Armstrong Downwind Foil Board

Armstrong Downwind Boards The evolution of the Downwind board concept. Overview Taking what we learned from the Downwind boards initially introduced in 2023, the evolution of these boards is faster,...

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Mystic_Impact_cap_side_front Mystic_Impact_cap_side_angled


Mystic Impact Cap

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