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New Windsurfing Sails

Fresh Gear, Fresh Shred: Brand New Windsurf Sails on Sale!

Calling all wind junkies and water warriors! The wind is calling, and it's demanding you shred with the latest and greatest windsurf sails we have to offer! Buckle up for a mind-blowing selection from industry titans like Naish, Duotone, Neil Pryde, and STX.

Score epic deals on these brand new windsurf sails, designed to dominate every discipline. Feeling the need for speed? Grab a sleek new slalom sail and become a blur on the water. Craving epic wave rides? Tame the swells with a cutting-edge wave sail. Just starting out? We've got brand new inflatable beginner sails that are light, durable, and perfect for learning the ropes.

Forget the "cross-over" compromise! With our hybrid selection, you can find a sail that is designed to maximize your performance across different windsurfing styles. No more trying to tune a windsurf sail to get it to work.

Thinking about foiling? We've got brand new sails specifically designed for the unique demands of windsurf foiling.

Sizes from 2.2m maneuverable sails to impressive 10m powerhouses – we've got the perfect wind-catching companion for any rider.

Don't miss out on these brand new sails! Grab one today and unleash your inner windsurfing legend. Still on the fence? Our watersports experts are a call away! Dial 24-7 Boardsports at 023 8089 4000 and get expert advice to find the perfect sail for your next windsurfing adventure!