Wing Hydrofoil Parts

Take your wingfoiling to the next level! ‍♀️

Looking to upgrade your wingfoil kit and shred the water like a pro? Look no further than our epic selection of wing hydrofoil parts!

We've got everything you need to fine-tune your flight, from Duotone and F-One foil parts to bargain-priced options from top brands like Airush, Ozone, RRD, Neil Pryde, Naish, Armstrong, AFS, SABFOIL, and Starboard.

Dial in your performance:

  • Swap your front wing: Choose from a wide range of foil front wings to match your riding style, whether you're a carving machine or a speed demon.
  • Find your perfect back wing: From high-aspect gliders for maximum efficiency to compact, pump-friendly options, we've got the back wing to elevate your foiling experience.
  • Stabilize your ride: Discover a range of stabilizers for enhanced control and confidence on the water.
  • Upgrade your fuselage: Get the perfect hydrofoil fuselage to connect your mast and wing for a seamless ride.
  • Don't forget the extras: We've got all the essentials like mounting bolts and shims to keep your foil kit running smoothly.

Ready to soar? Shop our extensive range of wing hydrofoil parts at unbeatable prices. Don't miss out on these epic deals - upgrade your foil and experience the magic of flight today!