Wing Harnesses

Unleash Your Wing Foiling Potential: Wing Harnesses for Epic Rides!

Calling all wing foil enthusiasts! Take your sessions to the next level with our lineup of top-tier wing harnesses. Whether you're carving up waves or cruising flat water, we've got the perfect harness to keep you comfortable, protected, and in control.

Say goodbye to arm fatigue! Our harnesses distribute the pull of your wing across your core, so you can shred for longer without feeling the burn. We've got options with soft, padded interiors for ultimate comfort, and adjustable designs to ensure a perfect fit.

Safety first! Many of our harnesses boast built-in protection to give you confidence on the water, while select models even offer added bouyancy for peace of mind.

Looking for the best for wing foiling? We've got a fantastic selection from industry leaders like ION, Forward WIP, Ozone, Prolimit, Mystic, and Dakine. Choose from leash belt harnesses for a streamlined feel, or explore options with additional features like spreader bars.

Don't just ride the waves, conquer them! Browse our epic wing harness collection and find your perfect match. Remember, happy harness, happy foiling!