Inflatable Wingboards

Take Flight with Our Inflatable Wing Boards! 

Ready to foil on water like a superhero? Look no further than our epic selection of inflatable wing boards! These bad boys aren't just good for travel (they pump up in minutes!), they're also good for learning to wing foil with their stable and forgiving designs.

Naish, F-one, Duotone, STX - we've got all the top brands to get you shredding the water in no time. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, there's an inflatable wing board here to help you start foiling and unlock a whole new level of water fun. ‍

And the best part? We've got some killer deals on these awesome wing boards right now! Don't miss your chance to catch a wave (or rather, fly over one!) at an incredible price.

Shop now and get ready to experience the magic of wing foiling!