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Kite Bars

Unleash the Beast: Grab Your Kite Control Bar Here!

Hold onto your board, thrill seekers! Our Kite Bar selection is your gateway to epic water adventures. We've got the hottest bars and lines from industry leaders like Naish, F-one, Duotone, and Airush – all primed to give you ultimate kite control.

Imagine carving through the waves, feeling the spray on your face, and knowing your kite is an extension of your will. That's the power a dialed-in bar puts in your hands.

We have bars for every riding style, from wakestyle wakestrike missions to high-flying jumps. Refine your touch, boost your confidence, and take your kiting to the next level. Plus, we've got killer deals on select bars and lines (!).

Don't wait – tame the power of the wind and make this season unforgettable. Shop our Kite Bar collection now and get ready to shred!