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Wing spares

Wing spares

Winging it? Don't get clipped!

Your wind wing is calling, but a small snag is keeping you grounded? Don't let a missing harness line or a leaky bladder put a damper on your water adventures!

We've got your back (or should we say, wing?) with a killer selection of wing spares to keep you soaring across the waves. ‍♀️‍♂️

Reputable brands? Check! We stock spares from all the big names – Duotone, F-one, Airush, Ozone, RRD, Neil Pryde, Naish, and Armstrong.

Need a new leash? No problem! We've got a variety of lengths and styles to keep your wing tethered. Snapped a harness line? We've got replacements to get you back in control.

Battens bent, bladders busted? Fear not, wing warriors! We've got the patches and bladders you need to get your gear back in top shape.

So get clicking, stock up, and get ready to send it!