Special Offer Windsurfing Masts

Special Offer Windsurfing Masts

Score Epic Deals on Windsurf Masts at 24-7 Boardsports!

Catch some killer savings on windsurf masts from the biggest brands in the business - we're talking Naish, Ezzy, Duotone, Neil Pryde and STX! Whether you're a slalom shredder or a weekend wave warrior, we've got the perfect mast to propel you across the water.

We stock masts in all lengths, from 280 cm all the way up to 460 cm, so you can find the ideal fit for your board and sail combo. And with our sale prices, you'll be stoked without blowing your budget!

These hot deals won't last forever, so don't miss out! Shop now and get ready to rip!

Need a hand choosing the right mast? Our team of windsurfing wizards are just a phone call away - call us for free advice on 023 80894000.

Let's get you out on the water! Shop windsurf masts at 24-7 Boardsports today!

  • Sale
    Powerex RDM Carbon 100 Mast 2012 - New Base only Powerex RDM Carbon 100 Mast 2012 - New Base only


    Powerex RDM Carbon 100 Mast 2012 - New Base only

    Powerex RDM 100% Carbon Mast 2012 - New bottom section only We are back with the even more unbreakable Ho’okipa mast with improved bend curve and production consistency. The mast took a 7 months development in Ho’okipa and Jaws. This is t…

    MSRP: £349.00
    Was: £349.00
    Now: £150.00
  • Sale
    Naish 2020 RDM 60 Windsurfing Mast 340cm


    Naish 2020 RDM 60 Windsurfing Mast 340cm

    Size: 340 IMCS: 15 Constant Curve What's new?Carbon Conents & Price PointsBold Graphic PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Every Naish mast is quality-controlled and checked to ensure proper constant-curve bend characteristics for optimum performance. Base…

    MSRP: £299.00
    Was: £299.00
    Now: £249.99
  • Duotone  North Clam Cleat for Booms Duotone  North Clam Cleat for Booms


    Duotone North Clam Cleat for Booms

    North Clam Cleat for Booms Replacement rope clam cleat for North windsurfing booms or extensions.  This part will fit many types of boom clamps and boom out haul fittings which have cleat which appears to be round moulded into them.It taper…

  • Tushingham Mast Bag

    Tushingham Sails

    Tushingham Mast Bag

    Tushingham Windsurfing Mast Bag   Will fit RDM and SDM masts but please measure your longest mast section before ordering as top half and bottom half are not always the same length - length given is usable length with draw string pulled and mast…

  • Sale
    Powerex RDM Carbon 60 Mast Top only 2013 Powerex RDM Carbon 60 Mast Top only 2012


    Powerex RDM Carbon 60 Mast Top only 2012

    Powerex RDM Carbon 60% Mast 2012 Top only no bag. Want a mast to be used in a storm: RDM 60! If you break we take…. This mast was impossible to break in Ho’okipa, we also have keept a very nice price to help the market growing. The taper…

    MSRP: £259.99
    Was: £259.99
    Now: £100.00
  • Sale
    Powerex Mast Bag


    Powerex Mast Bag

    Powerex Mast Bag Will hold one 2 piece mast.  Heavy duty cloth. Clear window. Velcro closure.  Black with white Powerex logo

    MSRP: £19.99
    Was: £19.99
    Now: £9.99

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