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AFS PERFORMER Demountable Mast for Wingfoil, SUPfoil, Surf foil, Downwind foil & so much more!Provides every rider with great glide, along with excellent control and manoeuvrability.Product information" Maximum Glide…

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Product Details

AFS PERFORMER Demountable Mast for Wingfoil, SUPfoil, Surf foil, Downwind foil & so much more!

Provides every rider with great glide, along with excellent control and manoeuvrability.

Product information
" Maximum Glide
" Variable Cord for smooth flow optimization
" Slim profile
" Rake according to your practice
" Made In France
" Full carbon construction

Which program for a Performer mast?

Performer masts have been specially developed to optimize your performance. If you are looking for more glide, more manoeuvrability while having light and rigid material, these masts are made for you!

Which mast to choose?

On the Performer range, 4 mast sizes are available:
" 78 cm (-1°negative rake) for surf foil/downwind practice
" 85 cm (0° neutral rake) for versatile practice (Freeride Access/Freestyle/Race)
" 97 cm (+1° positive rake) for freerace practice
" 107 cm (+1°positive rake) for race practice

They are adaptable to all AFS ALPHA and PERFORMER fuselages, as well as the very high performance 'Pure range' of front wing with integral fuselage.

Mast characteristics

Performer: 78
Length: 78 cm
Construction: High Modulus Carbon
Rake: -1°
Thickness: 14 mm
Practice: Downwind/Surf foil

Mast to Board and Mast to Fuselage connection

The connection of the mast to the board is Plate Head at the industry standard width pitch of 90mm, secured by 4 x M8 CSK socket head screws 35 mm long, with flat nuts (supplied with mast). Some makes of boards might need different length or design of screw to work.

The connection of the fuselage end of the mast is made by a Precision Moulded 4 way taper block, which is formed as a part of the entire mast structure, which has 3 x (replaceable) A2 Stainless Steel Barrel Nuts, and is identical on every Alpha or Performer Mast.

The fuselage is assembled to the mast by means of a Precision CNC Machined 4 way Taper Pocket and 3 x 25 mm long M6 CSK T30 A4 Stainless Steel Screws (supplied with mast), which screw into the barrel nuts.


Thanks to a single T-BAR/Fuselage design for the AFS ALPHA and AFS PERFORMER range, all masts and fuselages are interchangeable (unless bonded model), meaning you will be able to swap between all the Masts & Fuselages in this range, along with all the Front Wings and Stabilisers in the AFS Carver, Flyer, Performer & Tracer ranges and will also fit the Pure range, although we do recommend using these very high performance products only with the AFS Performer Masts.


Made from pre-preg High Modulus Carbon in France, the foil is stiff and light.

With pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fibre is directly impregnated with epoxy resin during its manufacture. This guarantees a perfect ratio of epoxy and carbon, and represents the best quality process. Laser cut, then assembled in the form of a stack, the carbon fibres are then positioned in a mould which is cured at high temperature, ensuring each product has optimum strength and durability.

Whether it is from the machining of the moulds, to the packing & shipment, everything is managed in our company in France allowing us to have a high quality process and guaranteed finish every time.


The Mast is sold in its own cover to protect it disassembled from the foil, or still attached to the Mast. It includes the mast to board nuts and screws, as well as the fuselage to mast screws and T30 screwdriver.


All AFS products come with a 2 year warranty, subject to our fair usage policy.

AFS Performer Mast

MSRP: £839.00 - £1,149.00
£669.00 - £919.00

AFS Performer Mast

MSRP: £839.00 - £1,149.00
£669.00 - £919.00