Duotone / Fanatic Wing Package

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This package is ideal for an intermediate rider. Package includes: Fanatic Sky Free TE 5'3  duotone Slick 5 m wing with Aluminium boom and leash Fanatic Carbon Mast and Fuselage 750/66 or 750/78 2023  Duotone …

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Product Details

This package is ideal for an intermediate rider.

Package includes:

  • Fanatic Sky Free TE 5'3 
  • duotone Slick 5 m wing with Aluminium boom and leash
  • Fanatic Carbon Mast and Fuselage 750/66 or 750/78 2023 
  • Duotone Aero Free or Carve 1100 SLS
  • ION wing core board ankle leash 5'5"
  • Duotone pump Large



  •  Freeride & Freestyle Wing featuring the Mini Boom - designed to enhance your flying experience with increased lift, power, and hang time. The Slick boasts exceptional stability and balance, allowing for a smooth ride through gusts and lulls. Amplify power while expanding the wind range and increasing the sweet spot. Not only does it provide more lift for jumps and Freestyle tricks, but it also will have you flying on the foil with minimal pumping, making a huge difference in light winds and for less experienced riders.
  • The MOD3 canopy makes a significant impact on the wing's performance, enhancing its grunt, low-end power, and direct response due to its low stretch characteristics. The higher modulus fabric and construction details ensure that the Slick’s shape and profile remain, even in strong gusts, resulting in rapid acceleration without the need for hand placement or riding position adjustments. Furthermore, the MOD3 canopy improves the wing's longevity and durability.
  • The deeper profile enhances the lift and makes for a smoother power delivery and provides a forgiving ride feel making it easy and intuitive for riders with varying experience and different wind conditions.
  • This feature enhances the learning curve for beginners, enabling them to master the basics quickly. Additionally, the constant and predictable pull makes it easier to execute freestyle tricks and rotational jumps with ease.
  • The Slick's refined strut flex and wing tip angles ensure consistent power delivery and a smooth and consistent ride through gusts.
  • Two well-placed windows on each side of the wing provide good visibility, so you never have a blind spot, without compromising the wing's lightweight feel.
  • The 2023 Slick flags out and steers exceptionally effortless when held by the refined front handle and remains neutral and balanced in the surf or when going downwind.
  • That being said - the Slicks infinite options in hand placement make it the ideal choice for both Freestylers and Freeriders alike. It offers unrivaled benefits and rapid progression for those learning maneuvers and tricks.


Sky Free TE 5'3

Volume 95 L

Width 26" / 66 cm

Length 5'3" / 160 cm

Fittings 2 x US Foil Tracks

User Weight > 80 KG


  • CARBON PVC SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION - The rising level in wing foiling led us inevitably to constructions used in Fanatic’s Windsurfing division. With the use of Carbon PVC Sandwich layup around a light EPS core, we’re making the step to a premium technology combining light weight with a strong durability – exactly what we’d custom build for our most demanding team riders to guarantee the best performance of a light construction that withstands the landings of their incredible jumping variations.
  • CARRYING HANDLE - Bottom handle for easy access.
  • STABILITY - Double screw inserts for back strap.
  • DECK PAD - Full deck pad with tail kick for grip, comfort and support behind your back foot during starts – slightly thicker and softer vs. 2022 Sky Wing pad.
  • SHARP RELEASE EDGES - Sharp release edges in the tail section for early take off and uninterrupted glide in landings and touch downs.
  • FOOTSTRAP OPTIONS - Footstrap inserts for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or straight single front strap.
  • STABILITY - High Volume nose section for great stability in starts and when landing jumps.
  • EARLIEST TAKE-OFF - Low, lean rocker line with great glide and stability for the earliest take-off possible.
  • MEDIUM SIZE SHAPES - Medium size shapes for intermediate level Wingers looking for the best possible board to get started and progress from the lightest breeze to medium winds.
  • RECESSED DECK - Recessed deck shape for stability, control and a direct connection with the foil


Aero Free

The Aero Free covers all disciplines, from Wing, Prone, SUP and Windsurf Foiling. The name gives it away, this wing isn’t bound to a specific discipline, it feels at home in any water state and with every rider – whether you’re into Freeride, Freestyle, Freerace, Surf or Downwind. Coming in an aspect ratio between 6.0 for the bigger 2000 to 7.3 for the small 800cm2, these front wings will be the ones to look at, from learning the basics all the way to stepping down in size and speeding up your foiling game in a variety of conditions, from flatwater cruising to jumps, surf and downwinders. Featuring a playful outline and low drag profile that feels exciting and fast, yet still brings a lot of ease and control. There’s no conditions this wing feels out of place!


Carve SLS

Building on the success of our latest range of Carve wings, the design goal of the Carve 2.0 was to push the performance of these mid aspect wings even further. Our team riders wanted more glide, more speed and less drag, all whilst increasing the manoeuvrability and maintaining our trademark control at high speed.

The Carve 2.0 is the go-to wing if you want to tackle “real waves”. What it sacrifices in terms of glide compared to the Free or the Glide, it makes up with higher top end speed and way more manoeuvrability on the wave face. The Carve 2.0 is also the preferred choice of our freestyle team competing on the world tour. These wings allow them to load up for their jumps with more speed which translates into a more explosive pop. The medium aspect ratio also means that the hard landings are a lot less stressful for the rest of their gear.

Duotone / Fanatic Wing Package


Duotone / Fanatic Wing Package